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Using the rectification as an opportunity to reinforce our commitment to serve consumers and SMEs

On Dec. 26, 2020, financial regulators put forward five requirements to Ant Group for the rectification of its key businesses. Ant Group attaches great importance to the seriousness of the rectification. Under the regulators’ guidance, and in accordance with regulatory requirements, Ant Group has completed the formulation of our rectification plan.

Ant Group, in its entirety, will apply to set up a financial holding company to ensure our financial-related businesses are fully regulated. Returning to its origin, our payment business will serve consumers and SMEs by focusing on micro-payments and bringing them convenience. Ant Group will set up a personal credit reporting company and apply for a personal credit reporting license. We will conduct the personal credit reporting business in compliance with relevant laws and regulations, strengthen the protection of personal information, and effectively prevent the abuse of data. “Jiebei” and “Huabei” will be operated by our consumer finance company which will be operated in compliance with relevant laws and regulations. We will strengthen consumer rights protection as well as suitability management of financial consumers. We will also further enhance our corporate governance, adhere to fair competition rules, bring related-party transactions into line, strengthen risk prevention and control, create a fair market environment, and further strengthen our corporate social responsibility commitments. Those actions mentioned above will be carried out after completing the relevant procedures provided in the regulatory requirements and Ant Group’s corporate bylaws.

Ant Group fully recognizes that regulating the platform economy under relevant laws, and putting all financial-related activities under financial regulation, are important initiatives that consider the overall picture while balancing the industry’s growth and safety. By doing so, financial regulators are not only ensuring the healthy and orderly development of the industry, but are also safeguarding a fair market environment to promote higher quality growth in the future.

Under the guidance of financial regulators, Ant Group will spare no effort in implementing the rectification plan, ensuring that the operation and growth of our financial-related businesses are fully compliant. In the meantime, we will ensure business continuity and maintain service quality, and continue to enhance our capabilities to serve consumers, small businesses and the real economy.

Using the rectification as an opportunity, Ant Group will reinforce our commitment to serve consumers, small businesses and the real economy, and further focus on being a technology-driven company that innovates for good and creates open and win-win partnerships. We will put our growth proactively within the national strategic context, continue to invest in technological innovation, enhance our compliance capabilities, beef up our global competitiveness, strive to create societal value, and contribute to the new development paradigm of domestic and international circulations.

Ant Group

April 12, 2021